Christ’s Lordship


“The astonishing development of an exalted view of Christ in the thought of the early disciples demands an adequate explanation. That explanation can be found only in the resurrection. No approach to NT Christology is possible without coming to terms with the resurrection.

Jonathan Edwards:

“Christ‟s ascension into heaven was, as it were, his solemn coronation, when the Father set him upon the throne, and invested him with the glory of that kingdom which he had purchased for himself, that he might thereby obtain the success of his redemption in conquering all his enemies. … God the Father did in a visible manner set him on the throne as king of the universe. He then put the angels all under him, and subjected to him heaven and earth, that he might govern them for the good of the people for whom he died. Eph 1:20-22 (History of Redemption, sections II-III).


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