The Beauty of God’s Kingdom – Part 2

I now want to focus on bringing to your attention three things so that you may see the Beauty of God’s Kingdom. These three things are: 1. An Unshakable Kingdom  2. An Acceptable Kingdom  3. A Consuming God.

An Unshakable Kingdom. The beauty of God’s Kingdom is that it is not like any kingdom or place of this world that will be shaken in the end of days.

We are told that believers are to be grateful for receiving the kingdom. I say “believers” because the writer specifically says in verse 28, “we.” In this, he was referring to believers, and that he himself was a believer. This kingdom he speaks of, however, is different than what we often may think about when making mention of the kingdom of God. The members of this kingdom whom the writer is referring to, are the members of the gospel kingdom – that is, those who have professed Christianity; who follow it, have repented, and believed on Jesus Christ. Those who have done this are a part of a kingdom that is unshakable – a kingdom of the saints, a kingdom that will remain, a part of the Mount Zion that cannot be destroyed.

I would like to go back to where the writer of Hebrews mentions Deuteronomy 4:24, where it states: “For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” In his time and day, Moses constantly warned the Israelites about apostasy and idolatry. Likewise, the writer of Hebrews is warning his readers about falling back to the beliefs they once held – that is, Judaism – and is encouraging them to persevere and continue to run the race, looking toward Mount Zion and their new kingdom. And this is a call for us today as well, as we are of the same gospel kingdom.

Believers of the gospel – and even unbelievers – hear these words of the Spirit and through these words we are shown the greatness contained in the gospel. We are given something that otherwise would be unattainable, as we are part of a kingdom that will not and cannot be shaken or destroyed, and is unlike any kingdom that has ever existed. This kingdom has been granted to us on behalf of Christ’s blood alone. We now have received a kingdom that is under the new covenant, which is a part of the freedom and grace we have received in Christ Himself. Believer, in this kingdom you have numerous and invaluable rights and privileges that you could never think of when dead in sin. In this kingdom you have been made kings – a royal priesthood. You receive happiness and honor because of your representation in the kingdom of the gospel. Not only can this kingdom not be moved, but it is one that will never change and will forever be bestowed upon your heart so that you can enjoy the gospel – that is, Jesus’ work.

How can we do this – enjoy the gospel, and live in light of this kingdom and Jesus’ work? Well, that brings us to the next part… in which I’ll post within the next week sometime.

Read Part ONE here


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