I was born in Norwalk, Ohio, on May 19, 1984. A year later, my father walked away from my mother and me. Within a year, my mother and father were divorced, and by the time I was five in 1989, the process of my adoption had begun. At the age of six, by God’s wonderful grace, my maternal grandparents adopted me and, together with my mother, raised me in the Buckeye state. While raising me, my mother saw that it was very important for her child to attend church. I still do not know why my family pushed for me to attend church, but I most certainly know that in June of 1989, I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time in my life. I was young and had never heard it before, and yet I saw my sin, my shame, and my need for repentance. I there saw that I needed Jesus Christ as my Savior over the sin that ruled in my life. As a little boy sitting outside of that church on the front steps, I knew that I wanted to follow Jesus Christ. For the next six to seven years I continued to grow and follow the Lord in obedience, showing fruit, which flowed from my love for Christ and from constantly learning the Gospel.

Later, during my junior high years, I became troubled and fell into a life pattern of constant sin, which continued throughout my high school years. During this time, I struggled with constant conviction but just wanted to live for myself in disobeying the commands given in the Scriptures. It was later in my life, during my first year of college in New York at Word of Life that I began to come back to the wisdom of the Scriptures and follow Jesus Christ once again. After completing my Certificate of Biblical Studies (2003) at Word of Life, I transferred to Summit University in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania and double majored in Biblical Studies and Camping Ministries. I began to study God’s word more intensely, learning, seeing, and savoring the Gospel deeper and greater than I had ever before. I came to know a true assurance of my faith and that I was to serve Jesus Christ in the knowledge of what the Gospel had saved me from, namely, sin. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (2006) in Biblical Studies from Summit University, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan for graduate studies at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. There I earned a Master of Arts in Religion (2009) in Theological Studies under the advisement of Dr. Joel Beeke, and a Master of Theology (2010) in Biblical Theology under the advisement of Dr. Gerald Bilkes.

After finishing studies at PRTS my wife and I moved in the summer of 2010 to Bel Air, Maryland where I accepted a position teaching theology and apologetics at a classical Christian school. Between 2010 to 2011 I made the transition to serve as a Rhetoric and Logic Tutor and Digital Content Manager at Granite Classical Tutorials, Director of Admissions and Assistant Professor of Theology at Faith Theological Seminary and Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College. While working at Faith Theological Seminary between 2011-2016 I was able to continue my education, graduating with a Master of Divinity (2014) and Doctor of Ministry (2015) in Christian Leadership under the advisement of Dr. Jerry Harmon.

After spending six years in Baltimore, MD my family and I moved to Topeka, KS where we accepted positions at Cair Paravel Latin School in the summer of 2016. Emily teaches K-8 P.E. and coaches their JV volleyball team. I teach upper school humanities and assist in coaching junior high football. It is our hope and prayer that this is where we settle long-term, teach, and raise a family.



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