The Gospel Must be Boasted: Audio

I apologize for giving the wrong text at the beginning of the message. The text is, 1 Corinthians 1:30-31 and not 30-33 in which i state at the beginning of the message. Sorry!

Transracial Adoption and the Gospel

Recently my friend Dan had the chance to interview Thabiti Anyabwile on “Transracial Adoption and the Gospel.” You can read the article on Carolina Hope Adoption’s blog.

Hank Williams: I saw the Light

This video is for the honor of Dr. (Doc) Harris at Baptist Bible College who is the worship leader during chapels. Thanks for your leading in and of worship, but most of all, thanks for your God glorifying, Christ centered-ness and Gospel gleaming passion in your ministry.

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The centrality of the Gospel/Bible is…?

First off I am not stating that any of you believe this. Some of you might. Secondly, this is because of the lack of knowledge of Christology in today culture. This is my argument, that Jesus Christ is the center of the canon, and is the main message through out Gods working history with his people. Not individuals, like Abraham, Moses, Aaron, David, Peter, Paul, or even yourself. The main focus from Genesis to Revelation, the very center to the Gospel its self is Jesus Christ our redeemer.
For my argument, I have 5 passages I want to look at briefly and let you read them as I go over them, then we will spend the rest of our time on one more passage in Luke, which I believe to be one of the far most important claims in all of scripture.
First I want to look at Col.2:2-3…“all the treasurers” obviously includes all the truths of all the verses of scripture. All of them are hidden in Christ. I ask about this what is hard to understand about all?
Now secondly turn to John 1:1… This indicates that Jesus Christ is the Word of God. From the beginning to the end of the Word are manifestations of this incarnate Word being Christ. Rev. 19:13…and the name by which he is called is The Word of God.
My third passage for my argument is 2 Cor.1:20… no matter how many promises God ever made, they were done in Christ. You understand every promise made by God is or will be fulfilled by Christ. Starting in Eden, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and to His church, every single one of the them either has been, is being, or will be fulfilled by Jesus Christ.
And fourthly, 1 Tim.2:5… this is by which we are saved and are able to listen to God without dying. Christ is indispensable for our right reception of scripture. And since scripture has the function of bringing men to God, it is fundamentally about Christ.
Now for my last passage to define my argument, one of the most profound claim/passage over the centrality of the bible made by Jesus Christ Himself. First turn to Luke 24:25-27…Here the disciples are on the road to Emmaus, felt defeat after Jesus’ crucifixion, Jesus stops and rebukes them in verse 25. Some people here in verse 27 believe Jesus is referring to Him and future events. But I do not here believe this is the case at all. I see here Jesus mention the beginning of the cannon with Moses and ending with what ends the O.T. the prophets. Here Jesus identifies himself as the beginning to the end of the O.T. being all about himself. Which you would say to that…the whole O.T. is about God working out salvation? Right? And I would then reply yes, salvation in which is founded only in our Savior Jesus Christ.
Now for the last part of this in Luke 24:44-47… I believe makes this claim more clear then anywhere in scripture. “the law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms” cover most if not all of the O.T. Jews broke the O.T. into three major parts; Law of Moses being the first five books, the Prophets included the former prophets, Joshua, Judges, 1-2 Samuel and Kings, to the latter prophets in the back of the O.T. lastly the Writings included all the other writings not only referring to Psalms but all the rest of the writings in the O.T. Then Jesus opens their minds in verse 45 and 46 he says that “it was written” that the O.T. is about the work of Christ, in that it points forward to this work as what “must be fulfilled” which he said in verse 44.
Many of you if not all of you would agree with me when I make a statement like, “the N.T. is clearly about Jesus Christ, but most of you would either disagree or maybe never even thought of the statement, “the O.T. is the core of the N.T. and central to Christology. In no way do I want to force a Christ centric message into any text. But if you are not Christocentric in your O.T., then I would say that you are not understanding it rightly, nor are you understanding it the way Christ desired you to.
I end with this, for you that are going to be missionaries, I plead with you not to make Christ just merely some evangelistic message that you preach to lead people to Him. But Christ better be the center of your field…
Pastors, or soon to be youth workers, do not make Christ a message that is meant for big time events when a lot of people that are unsaved come. Christ better come out of the scriptures every single time you preach it. I ask you soon to be one day pastors this, “can you preach a message without mentioning Christ?”. If you say yes then we can talk later.
Fellow brothers whatever you do, in ministry, in your one day to be family, the church you serve, the times you teach, speak, and preach… if you forget about Christ, you have forgotten about the hope to your faith. Jesus Christ is your hope in which enables you to look and boast in the cross and not yourselves. I beg and plead with you for your futures, do not, please do not forget the center of the bible, do not forget the center of the gospel, and most of all do not forget the meaning of the reason your living,… which is…looking at Christ which shows you, (by the enabling of the Sprit) to Glorify God most.

The centrality of the Gospel/Bible is God revealing His gorily, through the work of His Son Jesus.