I was asked by the sophomore class to speak on the topic of apathy. Going through Hebrews class and also studying for my self i best thought this text would fit the need of Christ to be the center need in our lives and not ourselves.

Let me invite you to turn in your bibles to…Hebrews 2:1-3
Apathy/Apathetic-is the lack of feeling, emotion, interest, concern, or spiritless, and I would say that if anyone is to be spiritless in life, it is not Gods people…let’s pray…

Background: Today I have one goal, object, and purpose of what I am trying to communicate with you. That is, I am deeply concerned about the gradual loss of interest in Christianity. So what I would like to do with the next 15 minutes is to help you all try to grasp and get a grip of the significance of your Savior. I believe with all my heart that Christ does not, I repeat does not take and I repeat will not take Christianity lightly. In no way does Jesus Christ portray apathy, in any area. Sin, or praise, Jesus Christ cares about each decision you make, and each act you commit in your everyday lives. Christ is too valuable, too important, and far too precious for us to go on through 3 more years of school, just to “get by”. Please do not commit the error of taking Christ for granted, but please live out life in constant appreciation of the one who saved, died, and bought you from the pit of hell. Today I ask you to not be apathetic (spiritless) towards your salvation, but nurture your salvation and be concerned for it.

Prepositional Statement (#, Noun, Application, action)
There are two areas of the Gospel that conquer apathy (“here at BBC bubble”)

I. Instructional Points-Must not become apathetic towards Jesus Christ
A. Illustration-Therefore, we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard
B. Application-what does this mean?
Therefore-The “therefore” shows us that what we must listen to is in chapter one. In chapter one we see that Jesus is…Son of God is the heir of all things (v. 2), he made the world (v. 2), he is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of God’s nature (v. 3), he upholds all things by the word of his power (v. 3), he made purification for sins (v. 3), he sat down at the right hand of God’s majesty (v. 3) and he is greater than any angel (v. 4), because angels worship him (v. 6). He is the mighty God (v. 8).
This is Christ! This is your Christ! Does this make you apathetic? Does Christ make you spiritless? And I would say to that no…but why? The rest of the verse shows us why.
C. Interaction-what would that look like?
We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard-you can not look at these attributes of Christ in chapter one and be apathetic. If the writer goes from a chapter fully on Christology, then the first command, application, is that to remember these gospel centered truths of our Christ, so that you don’t fall away. If you are apathetic in life, in school, and in Gods Word in class, then you have forgotten these truths of Jesus in chapter one. You understand that when we reflect on the gospel/Jesus as a moral remedy, it takes care of our moral disease(sin & apathy). And these truths of Jesus must be kept in front of your mind, for your everyday lives, before you go to class, before you study, before you even wake up. To just hear is not sufficient enough, but we must meditate on it, and hold to these truths of our Savior. If this makes you apathetic in your Christianity after hearing just how great your Savior is, what is the sense of being here (in the BBC bubble)? Do you understand that Jesus Christ was Gods spoken Word. To be apathetic of Jesus is being apathetic of God, and being apathetic of God is being apathetic of the reason you even exist.

II. Instructional Points-Must not become apathetic towards your salvation
A. Illustration-least we drift away from it…verse 3
B. Application-what does this mean?
Drift away- the use of this wordage (pararrhueo) is something of the use of water. Only used one time in the whole New Testament, I think there could be something about this word. The word here is used like flowing by, slip on by, or carelessly pass on by in your life. This is a real danger! It is a danger to let the Word of God pass on by. What do you pass by, or what do you lose heart for, when we become apathetic we become apathetic of our salvation. You neglect your salvation (verse 3) when you become apathetic. Many of you are neglecting your salvation. Many of you I am sure today are setting here and have drifted away from your great salvation that Jesus gave you. There is hope for that, it lies in the good news…the gospel in which Jesus Christ died for you.
C. Interaction-what would that look like?
You know what the hope of the good new is, that if you to care, you can. Listen to me.
Students if you got what was coming to you, God would have killed you the second you came out of the womb. And then God, using the Holy Sprit came in and ripped down the doors, knocking over every demon in the way, wiping your sinned stained heart of every mark, giving you a new nature from that old rotten flesh, a hope to live, and most of all defeating Satan by the power of His son, Jesus Christ,…saving you from hell, saving you from Satan, and from eternal death, do not neglect that, don’t forget that, don’t stop for one second of today. Wake up remembering constantly that when your focus is on the gospel, the good news of God, which redeemed you, Jesus Christ ,you will never become apathetic, but you will then find the Great Salvation that was bought, paid for, and given to you. (2:14???) So I asked my self, why would I ever become apathetic in anything!
Sophomores it is very, easy to drift along (very easy to become apathetic in life) with the current, but it is difficult to return against the stream. Our Jesus has let us partake in a great gospel,
Read Heb.2:3-I ask you… “How can you neglect it?”-“How can you become Apathetic of that?” Student,… Christ has already defeated your apathy at the cross. Your sin, and apathy was destroy at the act of your Savior hanging on the cross. Praise be to our God who spoke to us, Praise be to our Christ that made it possible, and Praise to the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. He the (read the verses in chapter one) has given you victory in his life, death, and resurrection. The good news is not just to help you, it has already gave you its’ good news, and it has already gave you victory over apathy, it gives you victory over all sin.

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