Athanasius of Alexandria: A Pillar of Orthodoxy

An outline of the theological significance of the life and work of Athanasius of Alexandria.

I. Athanasius’ Works Came Out of Fighting Armenians
A. Scriptural
B. Doctrinally
C. History
II. Athanasius’ Major Theological Statements
A. “Christ ‘was made human that we might be made divine’”.
B. “Only God could restore the human race to communion with himself.”
III. Characteristics of Athanasius
A. He was a passionate speaker
B. Spoke out with fervor and zeal
C. He stood on the foundation of his beliefs
D. Uncompromising and harsh in dealings with theological differences
IV. Athanasius’ Contributions
A. Life of Antony
B. Promoted monasticism
C. Introduce the personal devotional use of the Psalms
D. Defined Doctrine on Trinity

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