Demonology: Part Five (destiny of demons)

Destiny of Demons
· Fall of Angels
° One-third of the angelic creation may have followed Satan
· Revelation 12:4
° Moral Problem
· The character of God
° God is holy
° Sin is wicked and worthy of justice
· Deuteronomy 32:3-4
· Romans 3:4
° Did not promote sin
· James 1:13, 17
· Psalm 5:4
° The choice of Angels
· Chose to sin
· Fully responsible for their decision
· Some fallen angels are now bound
° 2 Peter 2:4
° Jude 6
· The Abyss is an intermediate place of detention of evil spirits
° Appears like Hades
° Habitation of the souls of the unrighteous between death and the Second Resurrection
° Place of torment and confinement
° Demons “begged” and “implored” Christ not to command them to depart to the Abyss
· Luke 8:31
· Tribulation
°Set loose
° Expand Satan’s wicked cohorts in their work of deception and destruction
· Revelation 9:1-11
· Judgment at the Great White Throne of God
° Revelation 20:11-15
· Ultimately cast into the Lake of Fire for Eternity
° Matthew 25:41

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