Demonology: Part Seven (introduction of new demonology)

Introduction to New Demonology
● There is a new doctrine that is slowly creeping into the mainstream evangelical church. This new version of doctrine is the idea of spiritual warfare and deliverance of demons. In this doctrine it is believed that many Christians are in bondage to Satan and in order to be free from that bondage you must have the ability and the authority to override Satan and command demons to leave. In order to advocate this model one must have the presupposition that Christians can be demon possessed and be under the authority of Satan. Advocates for this doctrine include:
● Neil Anderson
The Bondage Breaker; Victory over Darkness; Released from Bondage
● C. Fred Dickason
Demon Possession and the Christian.
● Ed Murphy
The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare
● Frank Peretti
This Present Darkness; Piercing the Darkness
● Merrill Unger
What Demons Can Do to Saints
● C. Pete Wagner
Engaging the Enemy; How to Fight and Defeat Territorial Saints

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