Crosstalk America Radio Program Interviews Dr. Joel Beeke

Ingrid Schlueter of Crosstalk American Radio interviewed Dr. Joel Beeke concerning of his recent titles published by Reformation Heritage Books called, Striving against Satan: Knowing the Enemy: His Weakness, His Strategy, His Defeat. Dr. Beeke first gives a clear explanation as to why it is of utmost importance to wear the full armor of God and then explains how the believer can stand biblically against Satan. Dr. Beeke in his book, Striving against Satan gives the four main uses that Satan tires to trip mankind up. You can learn what these strategies are and how to defend against them in his well written book, Striving against Satan. This can be purchased at Reformation Heritage Books for only $6.50 (by clicking here). You can listen to his interview by clicking here.

One Comment on “Crosstalk America Radio Program Interviews Dr. Joel Beeke”

  1. Matt Henning says:

    Right on with Beeke.

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