Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, liberalism during the 20th century hurt many of even today’s dominations in fight against or the creeping into today’s churches. Man muse need to not try to look for new things, new ideas, or try to make new doctrines because they are tired of the new. Just because something has been tradition or old, doesn’t mean it needs to be changed. This is where liberalism went wrong. When man seeks out their own pleasures, their own wants we are left with not lifelong filling joy. Key doctrines in which had been truth for years in the past have been there for a reason, because they are truths from scriptures and not in need of revamping or looking at them from a man-centered view. We see that when theology and doctrines are based on man, nothing but failure well and has occurred for these movements. The purpose of religion of religion in these movements was to make man Christ for man, and not man for the glory of Christ. Even today in the 21st century we see that many of the movements and churches that had started in this time already have died out or in the process of dying out. This is due to no foundation of the Man, instead of foundations built for men and by men. What happen during this time was the beginning of truth at stake, in which we today see now hurting more than ever of how this post modern world has corrupted and changed the minds of men in the church. We must stand firm upon the truth of scripture and who Christ is. We must know Christ; know his word and what it is in all of its truth. If not, we will end and become no different than that of 20th century liberalism.

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