The Book of Joshua: The Messages

The Messages of Joshua

Original message

The original message of Joshua is that when God’s people obey his Word and have faith that he will guide, protect, and keep his promises, God will continue to do so. This blessing from God came only when the Israelites kept his commandments. This message recorded by (most likely) Joshua taught that God keeps his promises. Joshua as well includes the will of God throughout his book in showing that it was God who wanted the people to take control of the land. The message that the Israelites would have gotten from this writing would have been the goodness of God. Joshua describes God as the one who gave them victory and strength in their battles, Jos. 1:2, 6:16, 10:8. This, however, would have help shown the power of their God, in that there was nothing in their way from stopping his will when they obeyed, Jos. 3:7-17, 10:12.

Present message

The present day message is of the same for the church. God, whom the church today still serves, is never changing. God’s power and goodness provide the church the needed material in the Christian walk. In the church’s obedience, God blesses and takes care of his flock time after time, again and again.


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