Vintage Jesus: How did people know Jesus was coming?

This chapter (#3) does not at all seem as if Mark is writing it. Just didn’t seem like the normality of his style. The chapter was great in material. It is clear from the beginning that Mark is not a dispy in any means; I am referring to his view of the Old Testament. One paragraph that stood out to me a great deal was said as the following,

“Jesus also models for us a proper use of the Old Testament, by which he alone is the hero and theme. Following his resurrection from death, Jesus showed how all that was written by Moses, the prophets, and the Psalms was ultimately fulfilled by him alone. Therefore, in this chapter we will follow both the instruction and example of Jesus by examining twenty-five Old Testament prophetic promises given to hundreds and thousands of years before the fulfillment of Jesus.”

Mark then from that stop of his writing, goes into these wonderful fulfillments by Christ giving a PROMISE section for each one, then giving the FULFILLMENT section for the understanding in how the Old Testament was fully about Jesus Christ.

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