Vintage Jesus: 8 & 9

Chapter 8- Where is Jesus today?

Mark here in chapter eight starts by describing how Jesus is everywhere in today’s culture. Here Marks shows on how all of the Scriptures are on and about and show as well how they were about Jesus. Mark gives this chapter in brief sections that many people might not know about Christ. Although they are simple it is great to read and remember our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They are broken in to answering how Jesus ascended into heaven, how Christ is departed from his believer’s here on earth, Jesus sitting at the right hand of God, Jesus sitting on his thrown as Lord over all things, How Christ rules over all things. From there he shows the glory of Christ in how he pleads for his believer’s, how Christ is gives his spirituality to his believer’s, what Christ is doing now in the heavens, how Christ is enjoying the glory in the heavens and how Christ is spreading the Gospel throughout this world.

Chapter 9- why should we worship Jesus?

Mark begins this chapter in describing how he loves football and how he enjoyed attending a Seahawks game. From there he brings up the issue of how many people enjoy things often more than Jesus. Mark does a great job in showing what exactly worship is and how we are to do it, for Christ. From giving examples of how many may worship Christ but not doing it in a great manner. The later part of this chapter Mark gives a great section on how we today in the postmodern era can delight in worshiping the Lord, Jesus Christ. He ends in a wonder thought saying, “Through the worship of Jesus Christ alone there is joy, freedom, holiness, and life. Only by worshiping God our Creator are we free to enjoy creation by rightly eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, working, laughing, loving, weeping, marrying, parenting, living, and dying to the glory of God.” It should be said of Christ followers that they enjoy Christ their creator, in all things for the sake of His name, and nothing else!

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