Book of the Week

Go over and see the deal at Reformation Heritage Books this month, Francis Turretin- Institutes of Elenctic, in 3 Volumes. For only $70.00!!! This set is retailed at $125.00, and RHB sells it for $80.00, but for only the month of May, they are willing to drop 10 more bucks off of this great set of systematics. 

This is Francis Turretin’s magnum opus, a massive work of Reformed scholasticism. Written originally in Latin with sentences frequently lasting nearly a half a page, Turretin’s Institutes are at once familiar, profound, erudite, thorough and precise, detailed, comprehensive, historically significant, and truly Reformed, etc. Turretin organized his Institutes into 20 topics (loci) that range from “Prolegomena” (that is, very necessary introductory considerations) to “The Last Things.” Each topic (locus) is organized by specific questions. The work is Elenctic (polemic or argumentitive), for a large chunk of this work is written against the Roman Catholics, Arminians, Socinians, Anabaptists, Molinists and others. Translated by George Musgrave Giger Edited by James T. Dennison Jr. Order here

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