New Ideas for the Blog

I have been wondering what to do for the summer on my blog. I usually write papers, articles about what I read, etc. because I am in seminary, but this summer I am only taking Greek I & II, and I am sure that no one is that interested or wants to see my homework. So, I have started a schedule of daily post that will be done for certain days of the week. I will continue in the future to write articles dealing with the Gospel, The Reformation, and plan to do several articles in dealing with Old Testament Theology and Hermeneutics next fall. But for now here is a list of the days and what post will be given for each day of the week. If you happen to have any ideas, please be sure to share them and let me know. Thanks!

SundaySunday’s with Spurgeon– This posting will be an article, journaling writing, or section, or sometimes just a quote from the late Charles H. Spurgeon. 

MondayYou might be a Calvinist if…– This will be a way for those of you die-hard Calvinist to see if you are truly a Calvinist at heart. The idea came from, Jeff Foxworthy who is well known for his TV show Are you smarter then a 5th grader and his classic jokes, “You might be redneck if…” 

TuesdayWhere is Christ in the Culture Today?– This post will be a post of dealing with how Christians and the secular world as most call them, refers, sees, knows, talks about, watches, and deals with Christ today in the 21st century. Should be a fun post, I’m sure. 

WednesdayGospel quote of the Week– This post will be a simply one sentence to one paragraph from anyone who knows the Gospel well. Sometimes I may include my thoughts if i have time, over the quote. 

ThursdaySermon of the Week– This post will be my favorite sermon that I have/had listen to in the past week of posting. Thoughts once again may be included at times. 

FridayBook of the Week– A post of a Book that I had read and enjoyed doing so during that week. I would also like to begin doing book reviews of the book I post on, but we will see and time will tell to what I will be able to do. 

SaturdayVideo of the Week– A YouTube video that caught my eye during the week as I was surfing the web. 


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