Passion of the Christ 2

Where is Christ in the Culture Today? On YouTube, that’s where!

My Thoughts: This seems to maybe one of my favorite post that I am going to be able to do on Tuesdays. However, it is the most heart broken at times as well. Christ seems to be a hot issue these days in these postmodern times. For fellow believers but even more for those who may not know Christ in a personal and loving, honoring, and respectful kind of way. In all, it seems that the respect of Christ is often forgotten about in the 21st century, or even more belittled to just annoy Christians like us. So, when seeing a video such as this, you want to get mad, almost wish you could meet the guy that made it, and tell him all about the wrath of God coming for his head. Maybe some of us make a “youtube” account and leave some filthy, slanderous remark in trying to rebuke the unregenerate, as if he knows better. Maybe, just maybe you could tell him how you really feel inside and basically react the same way he did in offending you, ungospel-centered. yes, I made up that word (maybe) ungospel-centered.

Christ-centered Thoughts: Although many Christians may get offended when watching such a video (which I do to), or simply set back in their seats in front of their computer, not one time may the thought cross their mind to pray for the maker of this video or pray for the lost souls that belittle Christ in our culture, the ones that use Jesus Christ as a joke, and take the person of Jesus Christ as if he is only but yet another human who lived on earth. As living gospel-centered lives we as believers need to react as what the gospel did for us. Grace filled and tons of mercy, passing judgement every breath we took as unregenrate souls before the rightousness of Christ clothed us. May you think, “It could have been you making such blaspmy” but only by the grace of God, you know Jesus Christ as a brother. Living gospel-centered lives as believers is seeing what the gospel has done for you, and only hoping that it does it for the maker of this clip.


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