Things here of late have been quite busy. I apologize for not posting the past two days for the few of you who actually read my blog. I will continue to try to do my best in getting post up and things to blog about.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon per-paring what titles I would take to the Reformed Presbyterian International Conference, in Grand Rapids Michigan. After filling over 10 plus boxes of books dealing with family issues, children stories, RHB titles, SDG titles, and RP authors, Westminster anything and of course those crazy books for those who only sing Psalms. Life over the past 2 weeks and still a few more seems to get more and more taken up by the work and areas of life which can so easily consume peoples time that I often forget the things I actually should be doing, devotions, studying, my class work, or even sometimes I forget eating. But in all the Lord has blessed me much with working for RHB Publications, going to PRTS full time, and now writing and working on the Calvin 500 Blog, the blessing of doing the Lord’s work are extremely full in the richness that the Gospel allows. So being at the RP Conference for the next 7 days, my plan is to just maybe be able to blog a post here and there to update others on what I am doing and how things are. This morning I then woke up around 10, getting some much needed sleep to drive into the office at RHB and fill the whole bed of my truck, plus cab with books. I was told “I could set up a table at 1:00pm.” However I was not told that I could set up the table from 1-5pm! Which of course, I was the only one there from 1-4 and now at 4 when I am writing this, people are just starting to walk in. The table I have however seems to be in a great spot, close to a main entrance, has a couch behind my table to set at anytime and I happen to be the only vendor here with two tables. Hopefully books will start selling soon!

One Comment on “Sorry!!!”

  1. Jess says:

    “those crazy books for those who only sing Psalms” haha I love it!

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