End Memories to the Indiana Road Trip

Well as Dewalt so elequently put the details of the Indiana trip, I decided I would finish up the end memories on this fun adventure we went on. The day of my highschool reunion came upon us and to start out the day my best friend and her husband took Dewalt and I to a hole in the wall diner called Charlie Browns, where like the previous day, Dewalt enjoyed much food and left completley stuffed on Biscuts and Gravy, and coffee. As the day progressed there was MUCH to do, so we ran around all day doing errands and chores to make this day special. One of the things that was on the to do list was to make a GIGANTIC bowl of homemade pasta salad. Dearest Dewalt was so kind to use his amazing skills in the kitchen and with the help of Kate’s mom, Mrs. Bowers whipped up an amazing dish that all enjoyed! I was very impressed at his skill! The reunion was a great success, 10 out of the 33 people in my graduating class attended but those who had children or spouses brought them and it rounded out to be a nice party with lots of memories and catching up talks. I never felt the pressure that often occurs at reunions where everyone is judging you and your “progress of maturing”. So all in all it was a great time and many friendships were rekindled. The next day Dewalt and I enjoyed a wonderful Lord’s Day at Kate and Jared’s home church, College Park Church. It was a wonderful message in the pastor’s series, ” The Core: Jesus-Centered Life”. We spent a relaxing time at home; resting, enjoying a walk with Chloe, Kate’s ADORABLE daughter and then later having a family game time with all of the extended family. On our way back home of COURSE we had to stop in at the all you could eat buffet at KFC. Dewalt of course enjoyed way too much of the cole-slaw and fried chicken! As I look back at all the memories and people I reunited with, I see that the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful people and a wonderful life. I know that there has been hardships that I thought in my feeble heart and mind that I could not endure through, but I did, and Christ has enabled me to keep walking this road,and to keep working on killing sin daily in my life and making me more like the friend that sticks closer than a brother, Jesus Christ.

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