Embracing our Accusation

For the past couple weeks as I have attended church, first in Indiana, then at the church I attend in Grand Rapids, the topic of message has been about the impact of sin, spiritual death, total depravity, and total inability. It has been both a sobering aspect to reflect on and yet such a beautiful aspect to ponder! I know that YES! YES! As I know very well, I am TOTALLY  UNABLE to gain anything good apart from the SAVING POWER of Christ! This morning I turned on some tunes on my computer and I got ready for a day with my dearest boyfriend Dewalt, the Shane and Shane album, Pages started to play. As I enjoyed the beats and the lyrics the song, Embracing Accusation, came up, and at the time it didn’t occur to me amazing message that this song was conveying to me! As I sit here pondering back on what I could possibly write I my itunes popped up with that same song! I remember hearing this version of the song that someone edited in a powerful, and always passionate exortation from John Piper at the end of the song. Both the Sunday messages from the past weeks, the experiences I have had even today, and this song are such a powerful reminder of how sobering our sin and wonderful our Savior really is. Please as you listen to the song read the lyrics below and share in these truths.
Embracing Accusation- Shane and Shane
The father of lies
Coming to steal
Kill and destroy
All my hopes of being good enough
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

The devil is preaching
The song of the redeemed
That I am cursed and gone astray
I cannot gain salvation
Embracing accusation

Could the father of lies
Be telling the truth
Of God to me tonight?
If the penalty of sin is death
Then death is mine
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

Oh the devil’s singing over me
An age old song
That I am cursed and gone astray
Singing the first verse so conveniently
He’s forgotten the refrain
Jesus saves!


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