Dr. Bilkes: How does one avoid the allegorical method without falling into the rationalist method?

Dewalt: Allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves as much as possible. I think often times we want to preach Christ so much or think he is in the passage one may be preach so much that we end up creating a Rationalist approach when they try to allegorize. How one can stop this is by carefully approaching the text, and preaching what is in front of them and not bringing about “New Ideas” to the text. If it hasn’t been said now in a commentary or in a good book, then don’t come up with something new from the passage.

Presuppositional pointers

  • Allowing the text to speak for its’ self
  • Not using man’s own mind to make his or her assumptions come from the Scriptures
  • What God said and intended in his cannon of Scriptures may go against myself personally but does not give me the right to disagree. I then conform my thinking with that which that Lord has given.

Practical pointers

  • If it is not clear, then do not try to add to the text
  • Don’t try to fit Christ into the text, but find where Christ is in the text
  • Making the text say something you may believe rationally and not scripturally, is only taking the scriptures out of context.

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