Cosmic Drama

I was asked to do the following response in a short manner… so I tried, not as if I knew what I was talking about, but hey, I tried right?

ASKED: Comment on the following quotation of Bruce Waltke, noting where you agree with him and where not, and why?
“The cosmic drama of salvation history opens with an awe-inspiring display of theatrics. The palpable excitement and anticipation is pregnant in the text, available to all. Unfortunately, many readers today do not sense the drama nor understand these pivotal words, rich with meaning. This narrative of origins not only opens the cosmic drama of the Bible’s theme – God irrupting into chaos to establish his rule over everything – it also lays the foundation for the biblical worldview of ethical monotheism. God takes his rightful place on his throne in the heavens with the earth as his footstool, appoints human beings as his regents to rule his earth, and establishes laws for Israel in the order of creation” (An OT Theology, 173).

My Answer:
I feel as if I am post to find something here that I disagree with, however for the most part unless I pick apart things that may become too critical, I do not find anything “hugely” that I disagree with. I think I can find two areas that may perk the eyes/ears to the traditional reformist, however I do not know if Waltke is trying to say or bring about what the traditional reformed may believe he is saying.

•    “cosmic drama” – I could see some that may get upset at calling the act of God in creation a drama. I can see that the reformed individual may look at seeing the fact that Waltke used the word “drama” relating in a exciting or emotional or unexpected events, because creation was altogether different from all of that. However, I do not know id Waltke is trying to say that the act of creation was unexpected as a drama as he is saying that the Lord played/planed a play-like series of events in creating universe.

•    “God irrupting into chaos to establish his rule over everything” – This however is the most upsetting statement I can find in the short little paragraph, (unless I’m blind). That fact that he uses the word, “Chaos” to describe that of what God did in making that of the cosmos, simply is not at all in-line with God’s character, person, and most certainly does not portray a God whom I read about in the Scriptures. God is simply a God of order and planned methods in organization, in everything he has done; he is doing and will do.


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