The Sabbath Texts, Thought #2

I did NOT expect the number of readers that actually read my first thought on the Sabbath, which is fine I guess. The thoughts I plan on to mention in the writing below are only a short one to two sentences over the Pentateuch’s mentioning of the Sabbath and what the Sabbath is literally. I think it is good at times to know what exactly this Sabbath is in order to know what we are talking about for future reference when dealing with it, and defining it accordingly to Scriptures definition and not some confession or some opinion, or even dictionary.

Ex. 23:12 – This here is the first session of the giving of the Law and only but a brief mention of the Sabbath is given, and might I add that it seems to include a social concern as reason in mentioning it. In context here, first the Sabbath is mention among the regulations that govern Israel’s social behavior among the other nations. Second, it seems as if this mention of the Sabbath here is giving a transition to the celebration of feast and in the offering of sacrifices, hence the reason that the Sabbath was incorporated as a celebration for the nation of Israel.

Ex. 31:12-17 – Here God concludes his list of instructions on the building of the tabernacle by the repeating the Sabbath Law. Here it must be kept or death. Here the Sabbath is shown as a type/sign of the covenant showing what God had done in His creation work in resting. Might I add that this sign was for only God and His people to cease work, or death.

Ex. 34: 21 – This here is one reminder that is given in the second tablets of the Moral Law.

Ex. 35:2-3 – Here the Sabbath has been reminded as a contribution of building the temple, and is mostly shown in law keeping more than any of the other mentions, allowing the woman to cook, bake, etc. most likely referring to Ex. 16:23.

Lev. 19:3,30 – Here in its shortest form, and here God claims for the first time as the Sabbath “my sabbaths.”

Lev. 23:3 – Here shows that the feasts begin with the Sabbath.

Lev. 26:2 – Repeats the theology and doctrine of the Sabbath from Lev. 19:30.

Duet. 5:12-15 – Here the Sabbath is done in repetition of the Decalogue, however here the Sabbath instead of being told to “remember” it is said to “observe.” In addition here the Law of the Sabbath is told to not use an “ox or ass” in its list of workers, as well as “menservants and maidservants.”

Concluding Thoughts I have made from this:
#1 The Sabbath in these passages is now introduce, the Law of it, and the keeping’s of it for the first time.

#2 All daily work must cease for everyone on the Sabbath. 

#3 Those that break the law of the Sabbath must die.

#4 No fire can be made in the homes on the Sabbath. 


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