The Puritan Thought of Pilgrim Mentality

Biblicist – was a walk of Christian life that lived out a life being centered on the Scriptures and what they taught.

Pietist – was a walk that remained pure and stayed away from worldliness. They lives lived out a holiness in all things, church, society, living, family and the church.

Churchly – was a walk that saw the church as a group of people that was to walk along side of one another in this world. They saw this as an importance because of those who would try to live among this world alone, and fall into sin and away from the gospel.

Two-worldly – was a walk that would keep one eye on heaven and the other upon living in this world.

Warfaring – was the walk of the Christian life that the puritan looked, and must I say looked closely at his own life watching himself that he was living for the glory of God.

Methodical Outlook – was the walk that the church and state was to work in online. The Puritans loved the 3rd use of the law that it could bring about holy living and good to the culture of their time. 


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