Can you be an Apostate without being an Actual Believer?


6. Apostacy, or a manifest falling away from God to the devil, whom he believed and obeyed rather than God; and whom he set up in the place of God, separating himself from God.  He did not ask of God those things which he was to receive; but, by the advice of the devil, he wished to obtain equality with God.  The fall of man, therefore, was no trifling, nor single offence; but it was a sin manifold and horrible in its nature, on account of which God justly rejected him, iwth all of his posterity.
Taken from Zacharias Ursinus, Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism (Phillipsburg, N.J.: P & R Publishing, reprint of 1892 edition), 34.
Here is my question… 

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