I was asked the Following Question…

Question: Can you detail five lessons that you have learn from the Puritans in promoting a more Biblical form of evangelicalism than the easy-believism that presently permeates the Christian world? If so, what areas are those and what was their importance? 

1. Puritan Worship – seeing the importance of how scripture deals with how worship is done and the manner in which it is to be done instead of going along always with culture or what feels good.

2. Puritan Marriage – seeing the importance of the covenant of the puritans viewed marriage would then give easy believers and actual respect, and high view of the doctrine that is now today so easily broken by many evangelicals.

3. Puritan Sanctification – The importance of living out the gospel and practicing the truths in obedience to that of which God commands instead of  “free ticket” going to heaven junk.

4. Puritan Adoption – Seeing that the doctrine is of extreme importance, being that easily believism tends to and is the most over looked doctrine and highest blessing of the gospel.

5. Puritan Meditations – The puritans view was great! In a world and culture that actually promotes reading the bible in church everyday for whatever and whenever, they need the puritans view. Having rime and reason to studying the Bible for the glory of God and doing it more then once a day, or finding whatever verse(s) best fit the believer at that time is a must need in today evangelicalism. 


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