If I Wrote a Biblical Theology Book?

Question: Dewalt, if I asked you to write a biblical theology (OT section).  Give the basic chapter titles and explain how and why your method would be different than if you wrote a systematic theology.

Book Title: The Gospel Given in Progession in the Old Testament
1. The Gospel in Creation
2. The Gospel of Redemption Given to Adam (Covenant)
3.The Gospel of Grace Given to Noah
4. The Gospel of Faith & Covenant Gievn to Abraham
5. The Gospel in the Law Given to Moses
6. The Gospel shown in Judgment given to Israel
7. The Gospel in the Kingdom of David
8. The Gospel Preached by the Prophets

Ready for a long sentence…As far as in how this would differ from that which is done in systematic theology, is instead of touching on doctrine(s), then showing the doctrines’ overview throughout all of the Scriptures, this here would be looking the progression of the doctrine (the plan of redemption) given to man in covenant throughout all of time, namely the Old Testament. 


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