pre-diluvian & post-diluvian??

Question: Dewalt can you compare and contrast the pre-diluvian and post-diluvian periods from a biblical theological perspective?

pre-diluvian –
My terms and the way I may use are different accordingly to my theology then which you may be used to. However this time period before the flood, theology was like that of what was given to Adam, and the Lord’s people. However the traditional reformist believe that it was here in this period that worship, laws, sacrifices and redemption ordinances were brought about and carried out during this time. Also, church/The Lord’s people here held to the promise of God given to Adam amongst their believes and looked forward for who would save them. However whatever time frame that it may have been, it is easily seen by the fourth chapter of Gen. that sin and the fall had corrupted the world to the effects of killing and a numerous amount of sin in which sicken the Lord so much, that he then would destroy what he had made. This is the beginning process of the reveling of the grace in which is given to man after the fall and sin of Adam.

post-diluvian – This here is the time after the flood and how redemption is played out after Noah beginnings the process of carrying out that plan of redemption throughout time. Here is where the reformed place a large emphasis upon covenant in showing the progression on it and how God’s promises are held and kept throughout not only here but only a beginning of it for the next 38 books in the Old Testament. By this time the covenant is seen in how it is made with man, who God is, how it works, his promises made to man. Also, the covenant is showing fully (not like before) how man is viewed from creation and in government among living. Also, this then is showing man, how Sabbath worship, sacrifices, and family etc. all played out. 


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