John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God


From DG Ministry: “John Piper focuses on the supremacy of God by unfolding Calvin’s zeal for the glory of God. God rests lightly on the church’s mind in our time. We are obsessed with ourselves and God takes second place, if that. The experience of his majesty sometimes seems to have disappeared from the modern evangelical world. John Calvin saw a similar thing in his day. His aim was to “set before [man], as the prime motive of his existence, zeal to illustrate the glory of God”—a fitting banner over all of his life and work. “The essential meaning of Calvin’s life and preaching,” writes John Piper, “is that he recovered and embodied a passion for the absolute reality and majesty of God. Such is the aim and burden of this book as well.” 


From Me: This small, short little note that John Piper does here in near 60 pages would be a great gift for the great number of people in today’s world, namely America who has no idea of the beauty that is in John Calvin’s example for us in our faith, living for the glory of God.  Having a passion for the glory of God in today postmodern culture I personally believe starts by having a passion for the Word of God. Today in the often times of America’s cesspool of sin, they see the Scriptures as a list of guidelines, or a manuel to having a successful life. I so often hear form my old friends, and unbelievers, “Yes! I believe in God” and “Yes, I believe in the Bible!” But as an absolute authority over their life, their life-style, their morals, their families, etc. NO! The importance of Piper’s book on Calvin for 2009, is seeing the majesty of God in the Word of God and how Calvin saw this as an importance over all the Christian life. If you want to tell someone about Calvin, and Calvinism that is short and to the point, then buy one to read, and a few to pass-out to your friends.


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