Hermeneutics and Some Problems

Question: Michael would you please describe and defend to me the view of hermeneutics current in the Reformation and show how it is different from views found by those in Emergent Church.

Views in the current Reformation
– Was one that during the end of the Middle Ages came back to the importance of the authority of Scripture, namely John Wycliffe. John saw the importance of the text of the cannon being reliable and firm in its’ authority among its’ day. The reformers saw the importance of using the logic of Scripture and comparing Scripture along side the rest of Scripture for hermeneutics. A number of men to look at on this are Calvin, Luther, Owen, Brakel and the Westminster Divines. In the “just” of what these men did though, was finding the truth in which lied in the Bible and even though it was not the popular belief at the time, stood for that. All of these men saw of importance maintaining a humble attitude when approaching the Scriptures and allowing the Holy Spirit to shape and mold their theology according to the Lord’s.

The Views in which Differ today in the Emergent Church – Views today in the emergent church however are exactly what the Reformers went against, namely the mystical idea of Scripture. Although the middle ages kept the Scripture from the individual, today postmodern age allows the Scripture to be in the hands of many, but allowing many meanings to a verse, a word, a passage and the whole of the Bible. Instead of having one way of study, one way of finding the truth in the gospel, they have simply allowed a way that not only allows multiple meanings but not multiple religions to live how they want, do what they and read what they want, and not follow the Law of the Lord. The major issue with the emergent church is they do not have a different hermeneutic, they have several different hermeneutics which change from person to person and church to church. So explain one difference is impossible to categorize them as a whole, however the problem is that truth is not there. Rationalism has taken a new toll on the postmodern mind which then allows one to believer what ever he well pleases, and doesn’t allow the Spirit like the Reformers did to humble their minds and conform the heart to the bible. 


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