Book Review: The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards, by Dr. Steve J. Lawson

724Jonathan Edwards has been called the greatest American Theologian of all time and is well known for both the tremendous amount of works that he has written, and his wonderful sermons that – in the past, and still today – help shape individuals’ lives closer to the image of Christ. There have been countless books written about Jonathan Edwards and the things he taught, yet this latest work stands out and differs as it focuses strictly on Edwards’ resolutions, which he wrote just after his conversion. Throughout the nine chapters of The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Lawson shows the importance of living our lives Soli Deo Gloria, and how Jonathan Edwards did exactly that, as seen through his writings and his personal life. One of the greatest things Dr. Lawson conveys is how Edwards’ writings brought conviction to the hearts of many during his time, and continues to do so even today!

I first met Dr. Lawson at a small Pastor’s Conference in Grand Rapids over a year ago and was amazed as he preached the Word of God with an authority and a fire that many lack in the pulpit today. I was even further amazed when I got the opportunity to sell him a number of books from RHB and he told me that he writes his books – every single one – by hand!  Writing four titles in the last three years – two of which are well over 500 pages – by hand, floored me. I can barley write a letter today without my hand hurting, even with the use of Microsoft Word! Yet, in our computer-dependent 21st century, here is one who writes a book by hand. In his writing process, it is evident that he also devotes much time to thoroughly study as he writes; delving deep into the research. This is clearly seen while reading Dr. Lawson’s books, namely this series entitled A Long Line of Godly Men.

Today’s culture seems to have influenced the setting aside of morals and ethics, impacting the church in America in a negative way, as the truths which lie in the Scriptures are often no longer being lived out. Dr. Lawson reveals how Edwards’ resolutions focus on bringing back the conviction of the heart and show how men and women can live for the glory of God today. To begin, Lawson looks at how the believer ought to live out a life of holiness (which is demanded of them) for Christ in a way that is honorable to Him. From there Lawson focuses on a number of areas in which many struggle. He shows how Edwards’ life and writings help the believer to live a life that represents that which Christ personally displayed, and how to make it a priority to live a life of faith that glorifies God, looks forward to eternity, practices discipleship, practices love, and examines itself for the kingdom of God.

This work on Edwards and his writing of the resolutions can be used to help encourage, shape, and bring about the kind of life that the Lord intended for His saints to live as they are faced with the sinful lusts of this world. This is a great book for anyone to read! You can buy from RHB here

About the Author : Steven J. Lawson is the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Lawson serves on the board of directors of The Master’s College and on the ministerial board for Reformed Theological Seminary, and teaches with Dr. John MacArthur at the Expositor’s Institute. In addition, Dr. Lawson has written numerous books, including Foundations of Grace and Famine in the Land: A Passionate Call for Expository Preaching.



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