The Red Letters: The Sayings and Teachings of Jesus

Book Review: The Red Letters: The Sayings and Teachings of Jesus

My Thoughts: I remember those old KJV Bibles that read on the side “RED LETTERS,” setting them apart as different or extra special because they emphasized that the red letters found within were the words spoken by Jesus and no one else.  So at first glance of this title – The Red Letters – I was intrigued as to how these words would be presented. As I read it, I realized that the book was different than I expected, but was so in a good way! The organization of the content that Timothy Beals has done is great. He broke things down into two main sections in dealing with Jesus’ sayings and teachings. It proved to be a great way to read Jesus’ words directed to His disciples, and His commandments that we as believers are to live out in this world. This short 150 page book is also great to read as a devotional alongside your daily Bible reading. There is a small section at the back of the book that provides an area in which you can jot down your personal reflections and thoughts, as the words of Christ mould and guide you to living for the glory of God.


9781433501401Book Description: Presents Jesus’ own words from the Gospels, topically arranged but without any commentary, so that people may hear his message directly.

While the entire Gospel narrative is essential to Christian theology, Jesus’ own words distinctively teach us how to live and how faith makes a difference in one’s life. The Red Letters gives a clear overview of Christianity’s foundational message in a unique way: allowing Jesus to speak for himself, without any human commentary.

This incisive book simply includes all of Jesus’ words from the Gospels, arranged by topic and rendered in the ESV translation. For everyone who would like to rediscover the heart of Christianity—or perhaps discover it for the first time—as Jesus Christ himself communicated it.



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