Someone asked me the other day, “What do you do or use for  a devotional? They went on to ask, “What I would recommend doing for a devotions?” So, I have decided to turn it into a blog post and give my answers here. 

#1 Morning – My Bible reading plan for this year I found of Justin Taylor’s blog, and use it because I can read, I can listen to it and have it directly sent to my RSS feeder. You can as well see here. Emily and I decided this year to read through the Bible chronologically because we had never done it, so that is what I picked for this year. If I was to suggust one to anyone, it would be first and foremost this, The ESV: Chronological Reading Guide.

#2 Noon – I read the Ligonier Ministries Blog because of the number of articles that are often deep in theological matter and mind stimulating. They often place a number of R.C. Sproul’s past works in shorter segments that are easily readable and thought provoking that one can easily learn much from. 

#3 Afternoon – I listen to the The Al Mohler Program. I am however a day behind because I download them by podcast on iTunes, but enjoy being up-to-date on “hot” issues dealing with the culture and church today.

#4 Evening – A book… either reading, skimming, or speed reading through something that I either have to write a review for, or a paper on for seminary. I’ll quickly read a book or part of one in the evening.

#5 Weekly – Just recently (last week) did I start working my way through a few books that I want to read only once a week, to learn from that are easily done in a weekly format. These tend to be Lord’s Day reading in which I learned from my roommate who tends to do the same thing, spending the day reading material after church during the afternoons. I however am taking these next 8 to 7 months before I get married to spend reading once a week a book on marriage and on doctrine. 

Weekly read with Emily – This Momentary Marriage, by John  Piper (14-weeks)

Weekly read for myselfA Sketch of the Christian Catechism, by William Ames (52-weeks)


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