Favorite Theologian?

8 Comments on “Favorite Theologian?”

  1. Tim Wilson says:

    Whoop I’ve just put Calvin into the lead! I like Calvin. He has the richest theology, the widest range of writings (a systematic and half of the Bible’s commentaries!) and he also taught half the pastors in the western world at that time (including giants like Knox). He’s gotta be number one.

  2. Maarten says:

    Where’s Tertullian?

  3. I would place him in there and actually place him at least in my top 5. However, because of the end of his life (being an Heretic) I thought It’d be better to not place him in the listing.

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  5. Chris R. says:

    If you were talking about who I agree with most, I’d have voted Darrell Bock … but Athanasius, the ‘black dwarf’ is the most likeable to me, as far as personality and spiritual integrity.

    So, you gonna win the Bible software this week, Mr. Dewalt?

  6. ive tried 101 times. and i never get it!

  7. Allen Mickle says:

    I had to put “other” because John Gill wasn’t up there? Frankly, when I think theologian who is Baptist I don’t think of Spurgeon I think either Gill or Andrew Fuller who systematized the truth. Gill was the first major writing Baptist and the first Baptist systematizer of theology.

  8. you know I didn’t think of those at the time, but do agree with you, most certainly!

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