Calvin for the 21st Century (C21) conference registration is now open!

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is hosting its first major conference on August 27-29, 2009. With eleven nationally and internationally known speakers, you will not want to miss this year’s event! Early registration will secure your spot. Take advantage now and save $25 per registration. This offer is good only through June 26, 2009. As of June 27, conference pricing is $90 per person. All college and seminary students can register for $45 per person.

To register online for this year’s conference, you can do so here

Speakers and topics at C21 will include:

Joel Beeke: “Why is Calvin important Today?”

Gerald Bilkes: “Calvin on the Word of God”

Ligon Duncan: “The Resurgence of Calvinism in America” & “Calvin on the Early Church”

Michael Haykin: “Calvin and Missions for the 21st Century” & “Christian Marriage in the 21st Century”

Nelson D. Kloosterman: “Calvin on Ethics”

David Murray: “Calvin on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament” & “What Kind of Love is This”

Joseph Pipa: “The Work of the Holy Spirit for the 21st Century”

Cornelis Pronk: “Calvin on the Church”

Donald Sinnema: “Calvin on Reprobation”

Derek Thomas: “Redemption: Speaking Peace in the 21st Century” & “Reforming the Church”

Cornelis Venema: “Calvin on the Believer’s Benefits”


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