What am I Reading Today?

2808514_1_ftc_dpBuy Here —> The Bible and the Future 

This book is an attempt to set forth Biblical eschatology, or what the Bible teaches about the future. The point of view adopted in this study regarding the coming of the kingdom of God: both present and future, recognizes a distinction between the “already” ,the present state of the kingdom as inaugurated by Christ, and the “not yet”, the final establishment of the kingdom which will take pla ce at the time of Christ’s Second Coming. This is the third in a compendium of doctrinal studies that includesCreated in God’s Image and Saved by Grace.


2 Comments on “What am I Reading Today?”

  1. Ben says:


    Will you be posting a premil critique of Hoekema’s work? I’d be interested in your take on any inconsistencies you see in his argument.

    Also, if you’re interested, this title is available at wtsbooks.com for a little less than Amazon.com.

    You coming out to PCRT this year?

  2. Ben,
    I will not be doing any critique I am sorry. The book is great actually! I do not know what I hold on this area of theology anyways, i like the amil and the historic premil, they both have holes and they both have strong points and being that I only am going to teach one day, I do not need to take a stance on such doctrines.
    As far as WTS Bookstore, I use Amazon to make money 🙂

    PCRT, no. I am already attending 4 conference in April, graduating in May with my MA, planing the PRC here at PRTS for next August, getting married in Oct. and Starting my ThM in the fall. Not enough time to head out there. I will be attending the Calvin 500 Tour if you are interested in going, let me know. Once in the life time trip!! and yes I am plugging it. 🙂

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