Doug Wilson on the NPP

Douglas Wilson has noted six foundational principles of the New Perspective on Paul. 

  1. Justification by faith was present in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.
  2. Faith and works are not opposed to one another in the Bible. Faith was always present, even in the Old Testament. The Jews were not trying to earn anything by works.
  3. Law and grace are not opposed to one another, or that the Old Testament was mostly law and the New Testament was mostly grace.
  4. Paul’s focus was not individual salvation.
  5. Judaism was not a religion based on salvation by works or merit.
  6. Judaism satisfied Paul’s burden of guilt; rather than what the Old Perspective thought, that Judaism could not ease Paul’s conscience.

From —> Douglas Wilson, “A Pauline Take on the New Perspective,” Credenda/Agenda, 15(5). I have turned the negatives of the original into positive affirmations to make it easier to understand.


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