Cruise on Lake Geneva

One event I am looking forward to at the Calvin500 Tour is meeting at the Paquis Pier at 1:45 p.m. for a 2:00 p.m. departure on July 6th. The Pier will be a five- to ten-minute walk from my Hotel. I’ll embark on the Henri-Durant for a cruise on Geneva’s beautiful lake – What a lovely opportunity to relax in the company of many of those who have gathered in Geneva for the Anniversary Conferences! The cruise will be about three hours in duration. Some of the participants on the cruise are:

Joan Ackley

Frank and Joan Alexander

Ralf Augstroze

Joel and Mary Beeke

John and Marie Beeke

Richard and Joyce Blauw

David and Ursula Blumenthal

Robert and Betsy Bryant

Robert Bullock

Matthew and Mary Burton

Richard Butler

Bryan Chapell

Scott Clark

Walter and Sue Cook

Lance and Sonja Cooper

Cecil Culverhouse

Byron Curtis

Elisha and Sharen de Waard

Nellie den Dulk

Tim and Jan Devine

Edward and Lorna Donnelly

Jennings and Anne Duncan

Sinclair Ferguson

Richard, Janice, Gwenyth, Hilary, Lindsey and

Whitney Gamble

Jim and Deborah Goodloe

Randy and Nancy Grossman

David and Ann Hall

Kenneth and Janet Hargis

Martin and Elsabe Holdt

Leonard and Anne Jenkins

Kris Johns

William and Jean Johnson

Terry Johnson

Doug and Caroline Kelly

Jae Sung Kim and Soyang Cho

George and Virginia Knight

Henry and Mrs. Krabbendam

Philip and Shelley Kruis

Anthony Lane

Steve Lawson

Peter and Debra Lillback

David and Jennifer Long

Glenn Maciag

Robert and Dianne Matthews

Bruce McCormack

Andrew McGowan

Dan and Amy Meadows

Harry and Catherine Metzger

Chris and Jenny Miller

Carolyn Mollenkopf

Ray Noel

Jerry and Ann O’Neill

Henry Orombi

Paul and Heidi Parisi

Ray Pennings

Ron and Fil Reed

Jack and Karen Rhoda

Robert Roaten

Douglas and Alice Roossien

Joseph and Eugenia Roskos

Tim and Katherine Russell

Philip Ryken

Mark and Sharon Sampson

Cornelius, Esther and Pamela Schelling

Richard and Adrien Segal

Gordon and Diana Severance

Bill Sim

Geoff and Iola Thomas

John and Joann Tolson

Rob van der Hoek

Steven and Mrs. Vander Hill

Joe and Mary VanPuffelen

Ann Walsh

Craig and Arlo Weaver

Scott Wells

Milton and Carolyn Werkema

Thomas and Katherine West

Mike and Brenda Whealy

John and Norma White

Faith Whittlesey

Mark and LeeAnn Wilkins

Kathleen Wilsack

Johannes Witte

John Witte and Eliza Ellison

David, Jennifer and Sarah Wood

Babs Zandstra

Check back for more updates on and about the Tour from time-to-time before the action starts in Geneva!


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