Growing Up In Grace


Murray Brett Murray G. Brett has pastored Grace Baptist Church of Commerce, Georgia for twelve years ( He desires to be used of God to raise up able and faithful men to plant other experiential Reformed churches in Northeast Georgia and beyond, and to pass on a living heritage of experiential Reformed doctrine and life for future generations.

Publisher’s Description: 1. Finding Happiness in Communion with God 2. The Grace of Humility 3. The Grace of Confession 4. The Grace of Repentance 5. Lord, Keep Me from All Sin 6. The Highest Motive of Repentance 7. The Price of Brokenness 8. How to Repent of Daily Sins 9. A Catalogue of Sins Too Seldom Confessed 10. The Grace of Prayer 11. A Guide for Personal Daily Prayer 12. The Grace of Law 13. Lay Your Gold in the Dust Making the Most of this Book in Small Groups.

John MacArthur—“Murray Brett has absorbed the best of Puritan wisdom on the matter of sanctification. In his own easy-to-read style, he applies that knowledge to the biblical subject of spiritual growth—and the result is an extremely potent book. Growing Up in Grace will be a wonderfully helpful resource for any Christian who wants to remain on track in the pursuit of Christlikeness and maturity.”


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