Why People Never Change, I’ll Never Know

I am at home the next month in Ohio where I grew up living with my grandparents who help raise me. I am here for a few reasons,

  • I bought a Land Rover and had to pick it up
  • To hang out with my best buddies from home before I get “hitched”
  • Applying for Ph.D. programs for the Fall of 2010

At times I try to help my grandparents with their bills, seems like my grandmother made contacts back in 1992 when she moved here, and has not changed them since then. For example, she has Verizon landline phone service, paying $20 a month for a phone, $20 a month for a long-distance plan, and then 10-cents a minute. Which leads to a $80 a month phone bill. Another example is her cable bill… $75 for two TV’s and then $40 a month for her internet so she can read a few blogs and check her email. I grand total of wasting near $200 a month, then “older people” complain why they have nothing left in their Social-Security, it is because they refuse to change in their later years. They won’t spend the extra money for new furniture (when they need it bad!), but yet they’ll spend the money in keeping what they know to be true in life. The worst example of this is they vote Democratic. Why, they do not know, but if FDR got them out of WWII and out of the Depression, then Democrat’s must always be in office.

I have tired the last three years to change her mind that she needs to change her services, because she can get a much better deal when bundling all three together. Finally after many visits home she aloud me to help her out. Now she gets wireless internet, unlimited calling anywhere in North America, and Direct TV for $90 a month. Why people in their older age refuse to change, I do not understand yet. Is it because they know better and I am to young to understand now? Is it because they become hard-headed over time? Is it because they get tired of dealing with the constant changes in life? Is it because they don;’t care to learn what changes in time? I do not know, being younger, enjoying changes in technology, and saving money are always something that I enjoy, but just hope one day that I do NOT get in a slump of suborn mindedness that keeps me from learning what is new.


3 Comments on “Why People Never Change, I’ll Never Know”

  1. N-P says:

    As to the reason why they might not change: 1. It could be because they feel intimidated by all of the new technology and don’t understand how it all works. 2. Maybe functionally they just don’t see the need for change “what worked before works now” so why change it… 3. Maybe they associate youth with change. For instance do you have reasons why you don’t listen to people that are younger than you? For some odd reason for myself I constantly think that foolishness is associated with youth… I think well they haven’t lived enough to fully understand things. 4. Maybe also they think why bother changing everything I’ll only be here for a few more years. What’s the point or hassle of changing it… I find it valuable to think from other people’s shoes before I make a judgment.

  2. thanks very much for your post and great thoughts to look at it another way! i like #1, helps much!

  3. chris says:

    I think they don’t want to learn new things. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s my thot.

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