Starting College or in School? This helps!

The Online College Degree Blog is one of my favorite blogs I subscribe to. Maybe because I love school or maybe because I am starting my 8th year in school? But either way, the blog seems to always have something that helps me with my work while in seminary. Their latest post 100 Tips, Tools and Guides to Get Your Kid into any college, has 100 Task Mangers, Study Tips, Applying, Practice Test and School Resources to help any type of full-time student.

From the post,

“College used to be a path meant for the elite and wealthy. Today, millions of Americans enroll in universities and community colleges with the goal of improving their job prospects. Others seek to broaden their intellectual horizons. No matter the reason, college serves as an important rite of passage for young adults. For confused and overwhelmed parents everywhere, here are 100 tips, tools and guides to get your kid (or yourself) into any college.”


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