Unleashing Your Inner Fundamentalist

I came across a post by Doug Wilson what seemed and was after reading an interesting and impressive post. He writes,

“Fast forward to our day. When people object to tattoos, or jewels stuck in odd places, and someone objects to the objection by saying that back in the day they used to object to slacks for women, what about this makes it seem like a strong argument? Now before anyone rushes to the keyboard in order to type I can’t believe . . ., let me say that I do believe the fundamentalist argument is simplistic and inadequate. But compared to the arguments for getting the tats and other badges of the moment, the fundamentalists come off looking like Derrida on one of his subtler days.”

Read the rest here.


One Comment on “Unleashing Your Inner Fundamentalist”

  1. churchmouse says:

    Sigh. Tattoos are an abomination. You can read recent social trends about them here (during my lifetime), as well as the verse from Leviticus:


    and this post as a follow-up:


    I really (and respectfully) hope the Reformed folks aren’t going postmodern. You chaps are ‘the last man standing’ in Christianity. Please don’t compromise yourselves with relativism! (Am happy to discuss these points further.)

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