What am I Doing this Fall?

I started today my Th.M. at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. For those that read this blog and know me, you will know that I just graduated here last May, 2009 with my M.A.R. from PRTS in Theological Studies. So what am I exactly doing this year at PRTS? I am doing a Masters of Theology, which is a little less class work and a lot more research. My Th.M. is majoring in Biblical Theology under the advisement of Dr. Jerry Bilkes, and my thesis title is, “A Biblical Theology of Apostasy.”

I did know it was a bit more work than may pervious two and half years at PRTS in my M.A.R. degree but I had no idea how much exactly. Needless to say, I will not be doing much of anything the next year but sit in PRTS’s library studying, reading, researching, and writing. Here are my classes for this coming fall 2009, and the work to do for each of them.

September 1-19 – The Decalogue
9 lectures
4 books to read
15-page paper – “The Love of Idolatry Causes Apostasy”
oral exam

September Class 21-25 – October- Missions in the OT & NT
5 lectures
3 books to read
reading reflections: 3 -1 page book reviews
reading reflections: 10 pages on course article reviews
6 page book review
25 page research paper – “The Apostasy of Israel & Mission to the Gentiles”
final exam

November – Biblical Ethics
16 lectures
3 books to read
12-15 page paper – “Is Divorce Biblically Ethical?”
3-5 page review on Kingdom Ethics
oral exam

December – Class 14-18 – Issues in OT Theology
4 lectures
class readings every night of the week of class
Meeting an OT Theologian -12 page paper – “Who Is Vos?”
2 article reviews – 7 pages each
20-25 page research paper – “Apostasy Issues in the Old Testament”


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