What am I Reading this Week?

This week I am studying for a paper titled, “Law and Apostasy: The Pathway of Apostasy” for my Decalogue class with Dr. James Grier.

I am reading the follwoing…

The Rule of Love

ruleoflove_small__20707_thumbIn The Rule of Love, J. V. Fesko gives an introductory exposition of the Ten Commandments. Beginning with the importance of the prologue, and then addressing each Commandment in turn, he sets forth a balanced and biblical approach that places the law in proper perspective. Throughout the book, Fesko analyzes the historical context of God’s giving the law in order to help us accurately understand the moral demands God places upon humanity. Yet, Fesko does not stop there; he also discusses the covenantal and redemptive context in which the law was given. Thus, he shows that the law is not presented to us in order for us to present ourselves right before God. Rather, it demonstrates our failure to love God as we should and points us to Christ and His perfect obedience in all that God requires of us. Fesko also shows how Christ applies the commandments to His people by the indwelling power and presence of the Holy Spirit. This is an excellent survey of the Ten Commandments that promises to bring about a more accurate understanding of the proper uses of the law, as well as engender profound gratitude for all that God is for us in Christ.

An Exposition of the Ten Commandments

durham_exposition_commandments__25417_thumbMaybe the most popular work of James Durham. A Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments, by James Durham. New Edition. Newly edited and Typeset. Text has been carefully corrected and compared from several editions.

The Ten Commandments

watsont_10commandsoft_700px_interspire__59821_thumbC. H. Spurgeon said, “This volume is one of three that make up Thomas Watson’s complete Body of Practical Divinity. ‘One of the most precious of the peerless works of the Puritans, and those best acquainted with it prize it most.”

The Ten Commandments for Today

edwards_ten_commandments_for_tod__28331_thumbAt a time when the nation’s morality is in alarming decline it is surprising that so little has been written on the Ten Commandments. Brian Edwards gives us a modern commentary, carefully uncovering their true meaning and incisively applying them to our contemporary society. Probably never in the history of western civilisation have the Ten Commandments been more neglected and therefore more relevant than today. Andrew Anderson writes, “Brian Edwards has turned his probing mind and expositor’s skill, along with a Pastor’s heart, to this vitally significant part of God’s word. This book unpacks the crammed meaning of these terse commands and applies them pointedly to life in a deregulated age.


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