West Cannon Baptist Church Pastor’s Conference 2009

logoWest Cannon Baptist Church, is hosting a conference located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Kevin DeYoung, Ted Kluck and Michael Wittmer as a all-day seminar on Tuesday, September 22.

Michael Wittmer says,

“It promises to be a provocative day of (mostly) sound theology that will encourage us to love and serve Christ’s church.  Registration ends one week from today, so if you’re in the Grand Rapids area and want a value priced ($35, lunch included) day of theological stimulation, come join us here.”

I’ll be there! Look forward to seeing you there!


One Comment on “West Cannon Baptist Church Pastor’s Conference 2009”

  1. GLW Johnson says:

    a staffed ‘conciege station’ ? You know folks might start to order room service or ask for more towels.

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