A Biblical Theology of Missions – The Missionary Nature of the Church: A Survey of the Biblical Theology of Mission

missionary-nature-of-the-churchBook Review: The Missionary Nature of the Church: A Survey of the Biblical Theology of Mission

How was this helpful?

I found The Missionary Nature of the Church helpful in that Blauw gives both a Biblical and Theological importance behind the goal in the Old Testament (p.15-54) and New Testament (p.65-103). It was most helpful as the last chapter – “Towards a Theology of Mission” – laid out the idea that how one does missions can only come from a proper understanding of the Biblical Theology of missions that is taught in the Scriptures. In the later part of Blauw’s book, he shows that the theology of missions is no different than the theology of the church (p.126), which was insightful to think about – particularly to think of Christ as the cornerstone of both the church in the local setting and in the missional setting, of one who plants churches. In all, the greatest point is that the church’s mission throughout all of history – in the Old Testament and in the New Testament – is to proclaim to not just one selected group or race, but to bring all to the understanding of the Gospel. In other words, a proper theology of missions is not a side theology of the church, but is the theology of the church.

What was confusing or questionable?

I found it confusing in some ways when looking at the topic of the mission of the Old Testament being only centered upon universalism (p.29-54).

Would you recommend this book to others, if so, to whom?

Yes and no. I would recommend it to one who is seriously studying the Biblical Theology of Missiology, and also to one who is serious about church planting as a pastor. It would also be helpful for those who are studying the theology of missions for either overseas or in their own homeland. But I would by no means recommend the book to the layman, nor to a typical theologian. Although it is only 150 pages, it is not an easy read, as the wording is not for the typical 20-year-old Bible student.


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