Biblical Theology of Missions: A Course Reader – Part 2

Bosch, David J. “Mission in Biblical Perspective” International Review of Mission, 74 (1985), 531-38.

How was this article helpful? The article showed me just how important Dr. Blauw’s work truly was in the biblical theology of missions during the mid-1900’s. The books reviewed give a better understanding to both the positive and negatives to the church’s mission during their time.

What was confusing or questionable? In the article there were some mentions that a missiologist and a bible scholar were not in the same occupation. I’m having a hard time wondering why those that become a missiologist do not become bible scholars first. Now I know why so many mission programs end in failure.

Does this article change the way you think about this subject? Never thought once that catholic missions even still existed?

DeRidder, Richard R. “God and the gods: Reviewing the Biblical Roots.” Missiology 6:1 (Jan 1978), 11-28.

How was this article helpful? Mostly in that idolatry is one if not the largest issue in OT, NT and today’s mission in relaying the Gospel to others. Also, that brought about a reality of seeing the importance of studying the other gods in order to know exactly what one may deal with in missions themselves.

What was confusing or questionable? A little confusing in the reasoning behind why some many “brief comments” that the writer feels he has to constantly make before getting into the just of his article (p.13-14).

Does this article change the way you think about this subject? I found it thought provoking and quite convicting in that the writer mad some mention in that God’s mission is that the same of His peoples mission in to declare his deeds, as he has called us out of the darkness 1 Peter 2:9 (p. 15-17).

Köstenberger, Andreas J. “The Place of Mission in New Testament Theology: An Attempt to Determine the Significance of Mission within the Scope of the New Testament’s Message as a Whole.” Missiology 27:3 (July 1999), 347-362.

How was this article helpful? I really enjoyed in how the writer placed the theology of mission in the New Testament in what constitutes what a mission even is.  Most of the articles or books I have read so far assume that you already know what it is exactly without giving in some detail exactly what his stance and view of missions are.  Also the writer does this with the nature of missions from pages 348-350 which I found helpful.

What was confusing or questionable? Questionable, yes.  I for one tended to agree with Dr. Ladd’s theology of missions for the future kingdom of God, however the review here that is writing is a for sure Amil.  I think Ladd gave due respect to both the Kingdom of this age today and a proper treatment of missions in its’ dealing with the future Kingdom.  However, the writer and the Amil. May not either agree nor see.

Does this article change the way you think about this subject? I like how his theology of missions started before the NT Church and before the early church. Not really a fan of Dr. Bultmann’s theology of missions in the New Testament.


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