News Update from the Calvin500 Conference

(Posted by David Hall)

#1 Two of the sermons from our time in the Cathedral are scheduled to air on Ligonier Ministry’s Renewing Your Mind radio broadcast this week.

From John Duncan of Ligonier, see below.

“Make sure your network and interested friends know that Ferguson and Orombi’s Calvin 500 messages will air nationally on RYM, Oct. 20 and 21. The station locator at our site shows listeners what station in their area broadcasts RYM and the time it’s on.

We will feature the series again when the product sets are in house and we’ll take preorders for those that call in during these two messages.”

#2 We’re happy to announce that Ligonier Ministry is partnering with us to release the set of 15 sermons from Calvin500 in CD format. See their website beginning Nov. 1 for a totally cool Christmas gift to friends and family. If your pastor hasn’t heard these, we heartily recommend them.

#3 Book 5 of the Calvin500 seriesCalvin and Commerce: The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economies (co-authored by Matt Burton and myself) is just out from P&R this week, and vol. 6 (the morning lectures, Tributes to John Calvin) is slated for release April 1, 2010. Following that, the final two volumes will be released from P&R in 2010. Find all the volumes as available from the P&R website.

Feel free to blog, twitter, or pass the news on about our sermons release as a CD set to whomever you think would benefit. Pastors, if you’re the only ones who know this, it is not boasting to let your congregation know where to find these great sermons.


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