Homiletical Proposals for Romans 11

Here of late I have been doing some work dealing with Romans 11, in how the apostasy of the nation of Israel sent froth God’s mission to save the Gentiles. Then deal with how God’s mission will go back to His nation, and the future of Israel. I’ll be posting some thoughts, writings, etc. dealing with the chapter over the next month. I was going to post my translation and Greek work, however I guess WordPress bloggin does not work with that, so forget that idea. For the mean time, here are some homiletical proposals for those that are teachers and preachers of the Word. While… at least they are what I’d do if I was preaching on this passage.

One Sermon

The Grafting of the Gospel to the Gentiles

I. The Hardening of Israel by God (1-10)

II. The Gospel going to the Gentiles (11-16)

III. The Warning of Boasting for the Gentiles (17-24)

Multiple Sermon Series

The Hardening of Israel and Its Purpose for the Gospel

I. Israel Apostasy from the Gospel (1-4)

II. Israel Remnant in the Gospel (5-6)

III. Israel failure in the Gospel (7-10)

IV. Israel’s Apostasy for the sake of the Gospel (11-12)

The Mission of the Gospel to the Gentiles

I. Israel’s Stumbling causes Salvation of the Gentiles (11-12)

II. Israel’s Jealousy causes a Mission to the Gentiles (13-16)

III. A Warning to Gentiles to Not Boast in themselves but the Gospel (17-24)

Israel’s Future with the Gospel

I. God’s Mystery of the Gospel to Israel (25-27)

II. God’s Mercy upon Israel with the Gospel (28-32)

Praise to God for His Plan in the Gospel

I. Oh how Great is God (33)

II. “The Lord’s Mind” (34-35)

III. “All Things” (36)

Important Sermon

God’s Salvation for His People

I. The hardening of Israel (1-10)

II. The mission to the Gentiles (11-24)

III. The plan for Israel (25-320

IV. The Glory of God (33-36)


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