Blogs seem to be dying 1 by one…

As Blogs in general seem to be dying off, and only the top dogs remaining…I guess I’ll keep doing it, but not nearly as much as I have done in the past  here on my own personal blog (daily). But I will however be doing some weekly post else where if you care to follow there as well. Be sure to check the other places I’ll be writing. Places like…

Reformation Heritage Books Blog – I Blog here with books that are soon to be published, updates on their newest titles, author interviews, book reviews, and from time to time I’ve been known to get my boss to do some pretty big deals on titles here and there. Like the one now, R.C. Sproul’s commentaries on John and Romans for 50% OFF! Buy it now!

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Blog – Here I blog very little, mostly just updates on the Puritan Reformed Conferences in which will be taking place once a year, to updates on upcoming classes. However this year in 2010 I plan on blogging a little more at the PRTS blog, on the PRTS professor and their Lord’s Day sermons.

Feeding on Christ – New this year in 2010 I plan to blog weekly (I hope) dealing with the person and work of Jesus Christ at the blog, Feeding on Christ. My hope is that I can write a series of post from time to time dealing with the beautiful truths in which lie in the gospel, but writing them in a way for the believer to see, and ever more so enjoy in their everyday life of knowing Jesus Christ.

Calvin500 Blog – although 2009 has passed and since no one that I know of celebrates John Calvin’s 501 birthday, the blog is dead, but you can for sure always go back and browse through the material that was done over the 500th anniversary of John calvin’s birthday.


2 Comments on “Blogs seem to be dying 1 by one…”

  1. Erik says:


    I completely agree with you that blogs are certainly dying off. As someone like yourself who has been in the blogosphere for quite some time, I was just curious as to why you think blogs are dying off. I assume sites like Facebook have contributed to the death of many blogs. Any other reasons come to mind that you’ve observed?

  2. I just think that many smaller blogs, people with less then 100 readers a day, people that are laymen in the pew, that just started in the last 2-years, are having a hard time to continue bloggin. Many of them are just giving up, and then social media updates on Facebook, or twitter getting the simple message, or a link to the web page makes things faster, easier, and for america, that is always a plus.

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