Online registration is now available for the 2nd Puritan Reformed Conference

(Posted by Joel Beeke)

Dear Friends,

I am excited to invite you to the second annual Puritan Reformed conference. We are delighted to be hosting this year’s event August 26 – 28, at the beautiful Prince Conference Center, on the campus of Calvin College and Seminary, in Grand Rapids. Last year’s turnout was tremendous, and the response to the conference was overwhelmingly positive. Many of you said you were looking forward to coming back this year.

We feel deeply about our conference theme this year: “The Beauty and Glory of Christ.” By the Spirit’s grace, we long to saturate your mind and soul for two and a half days with this glorious theme of Christ, who is the hope of our glory and the glory of our hope.

As a Reformed Christian, I am convinced that to be truly evangelical, one must embrace doctrinally and experientially the Reformation’s major tenets: sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, sola scriptura, and soli Deo gloria. At the heart of these stalwart truths is solus Christus (Christ alone). “Christ alone” is our life and salvation, our beauty and glory.

Please join us at the Puritan Reformed Conference, August 26-28. Hear some of the world’s finest speakers on the grandest of all subjects. Plumb the depths of God’s holy Word with us on the beautiful, glorious Savior and Lord, whose “legs are as pillars of marble” (Song of Sol. 5:15), for He is strong and steadfast and is “altogether lovely” (v. 16). As Thomas Brooks said, “Christ is lovely, Christ is very lovely, Christ is most lovely, Christ is always lovely, Christ is altogether lovely. Christ is the most sparkling diamond in the ring of glory.”

If you are new to the Reformed faith, you will find no better way to meet likeminded believers and to find encouragement in your walk with Christ than to attend this year’s Puritan Reformed Conference. Once again, we have kept your cost of the conference well below our cost, not wanting to hinder anyone from attending. Donations to help cover our shortfall are most appreciated.

Pray for Chris Hanna and our team at Puritan Reformed Seminary as we prepare for another wonderful conference. Pray that God will do far more than we can ask or think (Eph. 3:20) to revive our souls at this conference with His superlative Son.

As I write this in late January, we are going to press with a beautiful book, Calvin for the 21st Century,containing edited versions of last year’s fifteen conference addresses. As editor of this 300-page book, I know its worth. If you sign up for this year’s conference by the early registration deadline and include $10 extra, we’ll send you this $25 book.

I hope to see you in August, Lord willing.


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